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We Offer Top-Quality Natural Health Products

Sam's Herbal Nutrition offers a full line of all the vitamins from A to Z and 1 to 10, containing all the top nutrients. We carry weight management products, vitamins, herbs, and more. Call us for more information.

We Offer Health Consultations
You can have all kinds of products on your shelf, but if you don't know how to use them, they won't do you any good. We take a nutritional history from you, and advise you on what products would work best for you.  We talk about the current medications you are on, and we educate you on how the body operates. You may then realize that you don't want all the drugs and medications you currently taking.

Our Products Include the Following:

Nature's Sunshine™ Products
  • Our herbs, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals are of the highest quality. In fact, you would have to buy 10 times the product of another company to match the benefit of what just 1 bottle of our products provide.
  • We manufacture over 800 top quality products for the health and wellness of you and your family.
  • We have been trained as an apprentice in the industry in many parts of the world in one-on-one health advising and nutrition.  We have completed a 3-year internship, and a 15-year  internship in many other areas of the world.
  • We only use USDA category A herbs.
  • Our herbs come from all over the world. 
  • They come in liquid, tablet, or pill form supplements.
Men's Health 

We carry targeted and specific products just for a man's body.

Women's Health  Women have special issues, such as menopause and other hormonal conditions.  We have products which help ease the symptoms from these conditions, as well as products for helping to fight damaging free radicals.
Immune Boosters  Many products loaded with antioxidants to help keep the body in balance, to help with Vitamin C absorbtion, and much more.
Weight Management  Dieter's Cleanse™ helps eliminate toxins built up in the digestive system. We have meal replacement shakes in several flavors, fat grabber supplements, and much more.
Daily Energy & Vitality  We carry colloidal minerals, noni juice, and much more.
Mental Stress and Well-Being We carry B complex vitamins, and ginko biloba for focus.
Heart Health and Support We carry Q10 soft gels and red yeast for cardiovascular health.
Intestinal Health  We have detox and cleanses for eliminating toxins in the intestinal tract and colon.
Structural System We have products for skeletal strength, and bone and joint health.
Digestive Health  We carry food enzymes, Stomach Comfort™ and other products for proper food digesting.
Minerals  We also carry hard to find minerals, such as germanium, a mineral which controls the endocrine system in your body. It is taken for specific purposes.
Weight Loss Products 
  • We offer the best in all natural supplements and nutritional products for effective weight loss.
  • We recommend lifestyle changes and better diet, exercise and special herbal formulas. This helps to reduce the conversion of some starches into calories.
  • Here, you can find products which promote the burning of stored fat by increasing metabolism.

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Herbs - Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, for weight loss solutions, vitamins, and nutritional supplements. Healthy Woman - Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, for weight loss solutions, vitamins, and nutritional supplements.

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Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, for weight loss
solutions, vitamins, and nutritional supplements.